What are these crazy things called escape rooms?

An escape room, also known as an exit room, is a puzzle induced type of treasure hunt. You are “locked” in a room and you must find clues and solve puzzles in order to escape. Now, here in the state of Texas we are not permitted to actually lock you in a room. So there is no need to panic.


What kind of an escape room experience can I expect at 1 Hour to Escape?

An adventure awaits you! Whether you join a room of others or book a group you will have a blast. Get lost in the excitement of searching the room for clues to your next step. Even if you are unable to complete your escape, the hour is packed with intrigue. Look over our current games. If you need any help deciding which room is right for your next visit contact us. We are happy to discuss the options and can assist you with booking your reservation.

There are a whole lot more videos of escape games now then when we opened in 2015. This is one of our favorite escape room videos. Conan is HYSTERICAL, as always, and having fun which is typical. It also gives you a good idea what an escape room is like. Normally there isn’t a character in the room with you but it is an interesting concept.

Each of our rooms are themed and the puzzles vary in difficulty depending on which room you are in. We recommend an easier room to start out. We also suggest you sign up for our New Room Newsletter. Members receive first notice of when new rooms open and receive special discounts.