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Imagine your detectives HAVE TO SAVE THE CITY…


…the notorious “Willow Killer” has been terrorizing your city for years.

The killer possesses a meticulous M.O. and seemingly selects victims at random, leaving citizens in the grip of fear and paranoia.

Now, there’s yet another victim, and the police are out of their depth

our city needs your detectives—and they have just 90 minutes to solve the mystery before the Willow Killer strikes again!

Using critical thinking skills in an atmosphere that encourages cooperation, you detectives will work through a crime scene. With the evidence they uncover they will be tasked with solving a crime and saving your community.

Forensic Crime Scene is a mobile game that engages minds of all ages and can be played almost anywhere.

Small games of up to 20 or larger games of 100 players are no problem with Forensic Crime Scene: The Willow Killer! We have played in homes, restaurants, churches, classrooms, gyms, offices, hotels, and even outside!

We bring the game elements to your location and set it up. This game is very versatile and can be set up in many different ways. All you need are tables and chairs for your teams of up to 10 players per team. Our staff will set up a crime scene and guide the game play while your teams of detectives race to find the killer before they strike again. This allows all of your players to play the exact same game at the same time.

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This game is normally $30 a player, but for a limited time we are offering team pricing. Hurry offer expires December 31, 2018

Sale Prices

2 Teams - $350 (up to 20 players)
3 Teams - $500 (up to 30 players)
4 Teams - $650 (up to 40 players)

5+ Teams are the best value.
The cost is discounted to $150 a team when 5 or more teams are purchased.
5 Teams - $750 (up to 50 players)
6 Teams - $900 (up to 60 players)
7 Teams - $1,050 (up to 70 players)
8 Teams - $1,200 (up to 80 players)
9 Teams - $1,350 (up to 90 players)
10 Teams - $1,500 (up to 100 players)

Plan Your Event!