• The Unwrappening A Comic Christmas Escape Room Game

A Comic Christmas Escape – *60% Success Rate

Along with the rest of your superhero team, you’ve successfully helped Santa track down his head-elf-gone-rogue arch nemesis The Unwrapper. Just when you think you’ve got him, you and your whole team get wrapped inside the Unwrapper’s trap.

In this retro comic Christmas adventure, can you escape the wrapping trap, find the Unwrapper’s doomsday device The Unwrappening, and stop him before it unwraps all the world’s gifts at midnight, ruining the fun and surprise of Christmas morning?



Book by the Players
Pricing: $20+tax per player.
If you book by the player, there is a possibility that you may play with others you do not know. We have an 8 player maximum when you book by the player.

Book a Private Room
Pricing: $160 for up to 8 players
If you book a private room for 8 players ($160+tax) you are given the option to purchase up to 4 additional tickets for $20 each (at any time including when you arrive to play) at any time including when you arrive, for a total of 12 max players

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