(Under Construction)THE UNREMEMBERED is an Augmented Reality, Mall Wide Escape Game where your goal is to unlock the digital crypt of a long forgotten civilization.

Read between the lines. There’s a different dimension that you can’t perceive. Or can you? There’s another civilization living between us, just outside our realm of perception. We can’t interact with them, but pieces of the world they’ve built are accessible to us. Data fragments. They hold the keys to accessing their secrets, understanding their story. When you received an email explaining it, you thought it was nonsense, but something told you to dive deeper. Will you?

Book by the Game
Pricing: $99+tax per team.
This game is recommended for 2-6 players. You are charged by the game not the player so you can decide how many players you would like to play with. You will not be paired with other players, only the group that you have invited to play with you. You control this game.

It should take an hour to play, but again, you control the game and will not be penalized for taking longer. Feel free to take a break in the food court and discuss options.

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