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Search and Rescue – 60 Minute Game

A hiker in Big Basin State Park has gone missing! It’s up to your volunteer team to find them, and you only have 60 minutes before a massive thunderstorm hits. With winds picking up and the clock ticking down, there’s no time to search the entire expansive park. Your team must use your creative problem-solving skills and decipher clues left behind to track The Lost’s whereabouts before it’s too late. With help from the Ranger Station, can your team uncover the campsite, locate The Lost and send help before the storm hits?

Contact us today for more information and availability at 972-798-4688.
Pricing: $30+tax per player. There is a 12 player minimum. We can play up to 100 players at a time. Want a custom game JUST for your office, school, church, or other organization? Contact us today and let’s get it started!

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