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The Summoning at Eldritch Manor escape room logo

The Summoning at Eldritch Manor

*45% Success Rate* The ancient Eldritch Manor breathes a deep and dark history. Punctuated by only a few true recorded tragedies, numerous unsettling rumors had circulated about its grounds for…

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Defcon 1 Logo

Defcon 1

*40% Success Rate* In the midst of the Cold War, you and your team get hired as janitors at a high-clearance US military facility. (With all that heightened security comes…

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The Unwrappening Escape Room Logo

The Unwrappening

A Comic Christmas Escape – BRAND NEW! Along with the rest of your superhero team, you’ve successfully helped Santa track down his head-elf-gone-rogue arch nemesis The Unwrapper. Just when you…