Patient Zero

You wake up in your bed feeling disoriented. It feels like something has changed. You look at the date on your phone screen and realize a few days have passed since you last remember. You think as hard as you can but keep drawing a blank. Panicking, you go to call someone, anyone who might be able to explain, when a small slip of paper falls out of your pocket. You pick it up and read an address scribbled across it as you dial your most trusted allies to tell them about your memory gap and the note. You quickly decide the only thing to do is go to the address… Can you and your team find out what happened during the lost time?

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Book by the Players: If you book by the player, there is a possibility that you may play with others you do not know. We have a 8 player maximum when you book by the player.

Book a Private Room: If you book a private room for 8 players you are given the option to purchase up to 4 additional tickets (at any time including when you arrive to play) for a total of 12 max players.

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