At our location inside Music City Mall we have 1 hour long games and a smaller 20 minute mini game. We also have mobile games that we can bring to you.

1 Hour Games

  • 1 Hour Games
The Unwrappening Escape Room Logo

The Unwrappening

A Comic Christmas Escape – BRAND NEW! Along with the rest of your superhero team, you’ve successfully helped Santa track down his head-elf-gone-rogue arch nemesis The Unwrapper. Just when you…

  • 1 Hour Games
Defcon 1 Logo

Defcon 1

*40% Success Rate* In the midst of the Cold War, you and your team get hired as janitors at a high-clearance US military facility. (With all that heightened security comes…

  • 1 Hour Games
The Summoning at Eldritch Manor escape room logo

The Summoning at Eldritch Manor

*45% Success Rate* The ancient Eldritch Manor breathes a deep and dark history. Punctuated by only a few true recorded tragedies, numerous unsettling rumors had circulated about its grounds for…

Mall Wide Games

  • Mall Wide Games
Unremembered mall wide escape room game logo

The Unremembered

THE UNREMEMBERED is an Augmented Reality, Mall Wide Escape Game where your goal is to unlock the digital crypt of a long forgotten civilization. Read between the lines. There’s a…

Mini 20 Minute Games

  • Mini 20 Minute Games
Mini Escape Room Game Logo

Escape to Candy Land

*20 Minute Mini Game* One day while taking a stroll, you and your candy family came across a rather strange package in your Candyland neighborhood, sitting there on the marbled…

Mobile Games

  • Mobile Games
Willow Killer Logo

The Willow Killer Mobile Game

Mobile Escape Game The notorious Willow Killer has been terrorizing your city for years. Their meticulous MO and seemingly random victims leave citizens in the grips of fear and paranoia….

  • Mobile Games
Search and rescue logo

Search and Rescue Mobile Game

A hiker in Big Basin State Park has gone missing! It’s up to your volunteer team to find them, and you only have 60 minutes before a massive thunderstorm hits….