Our Escape Rooms

Be prepared to laugh and cheer! 1 Hour to Escape offers exciting and new interactive cooperative gaming. You and your team, whether they’re friends you brought with you, or strangers you just met, must work together to solve a series of puzzles and riddles in order to escape the room experience in the hour provided and possibly setting the high score!

We go to great lengths to make sure are rooms are built to theme both with the appearance and the puzzles within. All of our puzzles are developed in house, and you won’t see them anywhere else.

We have other rooms being constructed right now and are expecting to launch them soon. Make sure you are on our New Room Newsletter list to get notifications of early openings, specials and giveaways.

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Absolute Zero

10% win rate ***SUPER DIFFICULT

(8-10 players) A distress signal has gone out from an unexplored sector, and your crew is called upon to answer it. You hastily change course and race to find the damaged vessel. Upon arrival, there is no sign of life from the ship, lights are flickering and the signal has gone silent. Your crew boards the craft only to find yourselves locked in by an emergency containment protocol triggered by an unknown source. The ship is in shambles and seemingly abandoned. You don’t have much time before conditions are unlivable, so your team must find a way off the ship before it is too late.

The Study

20% win rate ***DIFFICULT

(8-10 players) You received a cryptic letter from your estranged Uncle Timothy, wherein he explained that he came into possession of an ancient and highly valuable artifact during his travels abroad. He requested an urgent meeting with you at his study, emphasizing that “someone is following him” and that “he didn’t have much time left.” Upon arriving you found a notice of immediate foreclosure at the door, the study vacant and Uncle Timothy nowhere to be found. Can you uncover the fate of Uncle Timothy and locate the artifact before the Study forecloses?

The Ruins

45% win rate

(14-16 players) While visiting Mexico your team enjoys a hike exploring the jungles and pushing your guide to take you to unfamiliar areas. It pays off, as you find an old abandoned ruins that appear to have been left untouched for centuries. Your guide cautions that these ancient tribes were incredibly intelligent and set traps for all those that dare enter. Against your guide's adamant pleas you enter into the darkness of the ruins and the door slams shut behind you. You know night will come soon, and you don't have long to escape. Can you crack their codes and leave safely in time?

Fallout Shelter

50% win rate

(10-12 players) The year is 1950. With nuclear warfare imminent, you have been accepted into a government project to shelter groups from the blasts. Mere moments after entering, you realize that the oxygen is running out, and you must reactivate the system before time runs out.

Spy Genesis

55% win rate

(10-12 players per room) This is the 2nd generation of Corporate Espionage. You have been hired by a mysterious corporation to sabotage the efforts of their largest competitor. With only an hour until this rival company presents their groundbreaking technology at the world’s largest tech conference, you and your team must infiltrate their office and steal their prototype

Bank Heist - Point Based

$500,000 - average stolen

(8-10 players) A disgruntled employee of the Lewisville bank has reached out to you, offering to be the inside man for an elaborate bank robbery. After months spent casing the joint and assembling your crew, the time has come to make the hit. Armed with only your wits (and high powered explosives), how much cash can you collect before the cops arrive and foil the heist?

This experience is different than any other; the more puzzles you complete, the more money you get. The amount you have at the end when you get away is your score.