Our Escape Rooms

Defcon 1

**BRAND NEW** Music City Mall Location

(2 -10 players, up to 14 players in a private game) In the midst of the Cold War, you and your team get hired as janitors at a high-clearance US military facility. On your first day, your team accidentally triggers the launch sequence for a nuclear bomb,.....more info

The Disappearance of Albert Mason

**BRAND NEW** Music City Mall Location

(2 -8 players, up to 12 players in a private game) In the sleepy heart of our small town, local Albert Mason was reported missing Thursday morning. Albert's family is offering anyone with evidence towards this case who comes forward by midnight a reward for their valuable and speedy information.....more info

Patient Zero

20% Success Rate

(2 -8 players, up to 12 players in a private game) You wake up in your bed feeling disoriented. It feels like something has changed. You look at the date on your phone screen and realize a few days have passed since you last remember. You think as hard as you can but keep drawing a blank. Panicking, you go to call someone, anyone who might be able to explain, when a small slip of paper falls out of your pocket.....more info

Mini Games

20 Minute Mini Games

Escape to Candy Land

20 Minute Mini Game

(1-6 players) One day while taking a stroll, you and your candy family came across a rather strange package in your Candyland neighborhood, sitting there on the marbled chocolate street, colorfully wrapped and labeled “Mystic Treats: Do not eats” so obviously each of you took a bite.....more info

Mobile Games

We Bring The Games To YOUR Location!

Forensic Crime Scene: Willow Killer

Small or Large Groups

The notorious Willow Killer has been terrorizing your city for years. The populous cannot take much more of this, and now the Willow Killer has struck again. Even closer to home, and with a completely different victim type, the police force is out of their depth. The city needs you. ......more info

Search and Rescue

Small or Large Groups A hiker in Big Basin State Park has gone missing! It's up to your volunteer team to find them, and you only have 60 minutes before a massive thunderstorm hits. With winds picking up and the clock ticking down, there's no time to search the entire expansive park...

more info.

Be prepared to laugh and cheer! 1 Hour to Escape offers exciting and new interactive cooperative gaming. You and your team, whether they’re friends you brought with you, or strangers you just met, must work together to solve a series of puzzles and riddles in order to escape the room experience in the hour provided and possibly setting the high score!

We go to great lengths to make sure our rooms are built to theme both with the appearance and the puzzles within. All of our puzzles are developed in house, and you won’t see them anywhere else.

We have other rooms being constructed right now and are expecting to launch them soon. Make sure you are on our New Room Newsletter list to get notifications of early openings, specials and giveaways.

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