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Lewisville Escape Room Gift Packages

Looking for a unique gift? One with fun and excitement? A gift that leaves a last memory? Then an escape room package from 1 Hour to Escape is just what you need!

Laughter and Cheers

This year give them tickets to some adrenaline packed mind challenging puzzle play. An hour without phones focused on a common goal that will leave a lasting memory.

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What Type of Room Should You Choose?


Our tickets are sold separately  at $27 each for people to enjoy in open booking with others. You can also purchase a private experience by purchasing the minimum amount of tickets for that room and the pricing is discounted to $25 each ticket. Private rooms begin at $200 for up to 8 players.

Age Minimums

There is an age minimum of 11 for individual players and all players 15 and younger must have 1 adult player (18+)

If you have players under 11 you need a private room. All players 15 and younger must have 1 adult player (18+)

Room Sizes

When purchasing a private room, you are given the opportunity to purchase additional tickets for that escape. We do not allow the maximum number of players in a room that has individual players booked. For rooms where you are joining others that you will just meet, we keep those groups smaller on purpose.

Most Popular Gifts

Our most popular gift for players over 11 are 2 tickets ($54) and 4 tickets ($108.)

Our most popular group size is the 10 player private escape for $250. 5 of our 6 game experiences are 10 player rooms so it offers the most variety. If your group is smaller an 8 player private room for $200 is a good choice and it offers 5 rooms to choose from. If your group is larger we have 1 game experiences that has a 12 player maximum and 1 game experience that is 14-16 players.

Our current rooms are:

12 Keys of Christmas (8 min-12 max players $200-$300)

Bank Heist (8 min-10 max players $200-$250)

Absolute Zero (8 min-10 max players $200-$250)

Secret Bunker of Verdun (8 min-10 max players $200-$250)

The Study (8 min-10 max players $250-$300)

The Ruins (14 min-16 max players $350-$400)


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