Escape to Candy Land

(1-6 Players) One day while taking a stroll, you and your candy family came across a rather strange package in your Candyland neighborhood, sitting there on the marbled chocolate street, colorfully wrapped and labeled “Mystic Treats: Do not eats” so obviously each of you took a bite. All of you immediately went through a transformation accompanied by the sudden urge to do your taxes and update your Facebook status… TO HUMAN!!!!! Glancing around, you now appear to be in a small shop…for candy? The shop advertises Mystic Treats and you know what you must do. You only have 20 minutes until the spell is permanent, so you and your family must fight against the clock and your new found crippling depression in order to turn back into your sweet candy selves.

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This game is private when you book for 2-6 players. If you book for 2 players, you will play by yourselves. If you decide to add another player to you group you can pay for the addition guest when you arrive. The maximum allowed to play in this game at one time is 6.