Escape Room Parties

Escape room parties are where its at! Have fun while sharing laughs with your guests in an adventure that you will discuss for long after your party. Rob a bank. Become a corporate spy. Solve a mystery. Escape from an old temple ruins or reengage your generator to stop your oxygen from depleting.

Party Roomroom for escape room parties

We have a party room that you can bring your own food and beverages to or have them catered in. You must have a private room booking to reserve it. For pricing and availability contact Charlotte Magno by email or at 214-218-1291.

Escape Room Parties over 10

Can I bring an extra player or two? This is the most common question we answer. When you book the Private Room option you unlock the ability to purchase additional tickets. This is usually up to 2 additional tickets. If you are booking just a few spots and could be playing with people you do not know we cap the total players at the minimum number for the room. Only Private Room bookings are allowed to purchase the additional tickets.

We have found that with private bookings, since the players know each other, they work well with a couple more players. If you have booked the entire room and would like to bring 2 additional players, you can purchase the additional tickets at the time of your escape, at the door or by calling us at 972-798-4688.

Escape Room Parties – 10-24 Players?

During Open Booking Hours: We recommend booking either the Ruins which holds 14-16 or the Spy vs Spy package that holds 16-24 total. They start at the same time and since are identical so you and your guests will be able to discuss the same puzzles. If you are going to dine during out we recommend dining after your escape room. Then the fun will last throughout the evening discussing your experiences. To insure your rooms are private make sure you book the Private Room option and not single players. Because the private room option will not allow others to join your room, it will not work if there are others already booked in the room.

Weekday Private Party Hours: If you would like to book during a time not listed in Open booking contact Charlotte Magno by email or at 214-218-1291.

Escape Room Parties – Over 24 Players

We have several packages that can be tailored to your party. Please contact Charlotte Magno by email or at 214-218-1291.