Corporate Team Building

Don’t settle for boring corporate team building activities. Treat your team and have a blast. Exercise your teamwork skills in a fun and entertaining environment.

corporate team buildingCorporate Team Building Fun

Corporate team building exercises are incredibly helpful. Having a cohesive team that works well together can make a huge difference in production and your bottom line.

Remaining calm under pressure and having positive communication skills are essential in the business world and in ours too. Our escapes are designed to encourage these skills and specifically to cultivate cooperation.

1 Hour 2 Escape provides an exciting team building experience. Our games are so much fun while putting focus on teamwork as well as problem solving. Remaining focused on a common goal while having fun, cooperation comes naturally.

Corporate team building has never been this interactive and fun!

Fun doesn’t even begin to describe the escape room experience. It is like being in a real life video game. A game where the players must work together to accomplish their mission. When that clock starts and you start to work on the clues, thoughts of everything else vanish and your goal is clear – ESCAPE! You can expect your team to continue to talk about the experience long after.

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Mobile Team Building Games

We can also bring the game to you. Currently we have 2 games to choose from. We have Search and Rescue and we also have the slightly harder Forensic Crime Scene, The Willow Killer. These are mobile games that we bring to your location and set up. All you need are tables and chairs for your teams. Our staff will set up areas like a crime scene and then they guide the game play while your teams race to uncover the objective. This allows all of your players to play the exact same game at the same time if you have the space. Or we can split players and do 2-3 runs of the same game depending on your location size.

Both games are very versatile and can be set up in many different ways. It works in many different settings and office layouts. You could have your teams in one large room or split them into different rooms with areas like a crime scene, records office, detective etc in other areas.

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