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Looking for new and unique birthday party ideas? Birthday Escapes are fast becoming popular. Have fun while doing something exciting and engaging. Escaping is about the best fun there is. You and your guests will search for clues to help you move on through your mission.

Its a lot like being in a real life video game and the game play is capturing. You can expect a lot of cheers and laughter as you move through the game.

Unique Birthday Party Ideas

As the kids grow older it gets tougher to find truly unique birthday party ideas. That is why escape rooms are perfect birthday party idea. Our games aim to please and bring so much laughter, and excitement to your birthday fun. Work fast to save the world in Defcon 1.  Use your deductive skills to save Christmas in The Unwrappening. Beat the clock and Escape to Candy Land. Or have us bring the games to you with our mobile games.  Our mobile games are designed to play 12 -100+ players at one time and can be played just about anywhere.

You also have the option to hide a gift in your escape room. When booking your room make sure to note it is a special occasion and that you would like to hide a gift. While your guests are in our orientation room the gamekeeper will distract them while you sneak out to pass the gift to another gamekeeper who will hide it in your room. The gift needs to be about shoe box size or smaller. We do not mess with game play so your birthday guest of honor will not find the gift until the goal is accomplished in the room. We do this lots of times with engagement rings, talk about an awesome proposal idea!

What ages are appropriate?

Although we have had successful parties for younger kids that have had some parental involvement, we recommend for 11 and older. Kids and adults love escaping, it is the best birthday idea ever! The puzzles are not like school deduction problems so difficulty levels are not age specific

Which Room To Choose?

What is the best room for your party?

One of the most common questions when searching for birthday party ideas. We place our statistics with each room. A 40% success rate is easier and a 20% success rate is a harder room. Over the years that we have been opened we have seen seasoned players lose a statistically easier room and first time teenagers win the hardest room their first time ever. If your group doesn’t make it out within the hour we have budgeted extra time for us to help your team still experience the full game. It is really up you and what theme most appeals to your birthday guest of honor. You really cannot go wrong with any room, because they are all challenging and incredibly fun!